Tales From Beside the Pit – Maruta, Gride, Turbokreig, Mindboil, Morphic Lapse, Sacridose, Bad Humans

I really need to come up with some snazzy title gimmick for my show reviews, maybe Fuck Your Band.
This show was June 1st, 2013 at Epic Problem which is a space at the Tampa Skatepark. It’s a good space, decent size for underground shows. Fuck they even had decent sound!
It rained like fucking crazy which sucked for the drive down there and I got fucking soaked just walking from my vehicle inside. Then when I went back out to get a beer I trudged through a puddle that was god-damned shin deep. No shit.
Of course being an underground “punk” show they started close to an hour late but that gave me time to get a bite to eat, a couple beers and chat it up with my bud Joe from Panspermia.
I still ended up missing Bad Humans but that’s ok because they aren’t that great anyway. They call their shit power-violence (which again is the dumbest fucking genre name after mince-core) but they are just kinda plodding midpaced hardcore shit to me.
Sacridose plays pretty good grindcore/fastcore stuff. They have a chick vocalist that screaches a lot. I wish bands would vary up vocals instead of doing the same thing constantly. But yeah they were good. I guess they have a member or two from Cellcraft. I’d have bought some merch from them but like so many dumb fucking newb grind/hardcore/whatever bands they only have shit on tape… FUCK TAPES YOU DUMB RETRO NEWB CUNTS! They also have a shit logo, just saying.
This was the last show for Morphic Lapse. Who I’d never heard of prior to this show so fucking good thing I caught it! Heh. They also played some good grind.
Mindboil is a two piece grindgoredeath band from Texas that is two guys from Turbokrieg; drummer & bassist. In Mb the Tk bassist plays guitar. They share vocals with the drummer using pitchshifter vocal effects. This band was fucking awesome! Serious sick fucking shit. I was pissed they had no merch on tour. Funny they are a “project” off Turbokrieg but much better overall.
Turbokrieg was “co-headlining” the tour with Gride I guess. From Texas and I guess have some members from PLF & Insect Warfare. Now I know how I just said Mindboil is better than Turbokrieg but let me follow that up and say Turbokrieg is an amazing grindcore band. BAND. Their vocalist is boring as fucking shit! Burr burr burr burrr. Every fucking song, exact same vocal delivery even the patterns never changed. I mean for fuck sake we just saw two members doing killer vocal trade-offs in another band. Let those motherfuckers at least drop in some backups to break that shit up! After their set I went up to the band members and told them exactly this. They laughed and said the vocalist would agree but they’d just always been that way. They would be so much better if the vocals varied some, the music is outstanding. Oh one more thing, there’s some shit on youtube comments that the vocalist of this band faked cancer and ripped off a benefit. I dunno what’s up with that.
Gride is a grind/hardcore band from Czech… whatever it’s called. They’ve been blasting shit since the mid 90s. They came over for the MDF and did a short east coast tour after. So fucking stoked they actually made it all the way to FL, usually when bands do this “east coast tour” it’s just the northeast. Anyway these guys kicked ass. Fast as fuck hardcore. And they have a fucking giant for a vocalist and a pirate for a guitarist… look up pics. I got their discog cd for $5, killer disc.
Maruta from Miami closed out the show. Maruta “broke-up” a year or two ago, then did three or so last time reunion shows before just reforming. Maruta plays brutal fucking grindcore. Before the show Mitch told me how they were gonna look like shit playing after Gride. Well fuck that, they fucking destroyed anyway. Mitch goes off like a fucking psycho while they play, think he even spit his head open some. The band is tight as hell. Just fucking great grindcore with some brutal death metal too. Even got my fat, old ass into the pit for a few seconds haha.
Overall an awesome fucking show. Despite the late start seven bands whipped through in like three and a half hours. Grind baby.

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  1. Right on…sounds like a fucking killer show.

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